Working Pet Water Bowls

With Cats & Dogs they gave us Food Bowls…

… and Pee Puddles & Toilets to let Pets drink from. Eww EA…

This Mod adds Water Bowls for Pets.

Keep in mind i am no CC or Animation Creator. So i had to work with the available Objects & Animations the Game gives me.

New Objects:

There are new Pet Water Bowls available to buy. Two for Cats & Dogs and an extra Bowl for My First Pet Pack Owners.


As i already wrote i am no CC or Animation creator. This means there are two Fill Bowl Interactions. One is for those that own the Laundry Stuff Pack and have one of the Objects (Washing Machine, Dryer, Clothes Line, Wash Tub or Hamper) on the lot. This Animation uses the Pitcher to fill the Bowls. Those who don’t own Laundry will get a Base Game Watering Can Animation instead. Since Children can’t use both of these Animations their Fill Bowl Animation is a simple “Put to World” one.

Dogs use the Drink Puddle Animation to Drink. Cats, Kitten and Puppies use the eat Animation since their drink Animation would end up with them glitching too much into the Bowl.

Autonomous Behaviour:

Pets might drink autonomously. After a Walk/Jog or after eating they will get a “push” to drink. Drinking has an effect on bladder, a little on hunger and Body Temperature.

Sims (Lot Owner, Maid, Nanny & Butler) will fill the Water Bowl on their own when it is empty and they are not too lazy.


Water Bowls should not spoil.

Pets will get a hidden 720 min cooldown Buff after drinking which should prevent them from drinking puddles or toilet water.


Optional Addons:

My First Pet Water Bowl
An extra Bowl for My First Pet Pack Owners.

Available Languages & Credit:

English (default) by me
German by me
Czech by Xeria (SimsCzechTeam)
French by CandymanGaming
Polish by Anulay
Spanish by Evadne Katsaros/Alainbardelas
Chinese by MuMu
Russian by Origamika
Japanese by maru dada
Italian by zaffirogarnet
Dutch by Angel2Evil
Danish by Misling
Portuguese by AnnaSims

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Download via Google Drive



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