Tiny Elevators For Pets

Puppies/Kittens can’t use Stairs, so i made an Elevator for them


Pack Requirement

City Living is needed for the Object and Jungle Adventures is needed for the “Portals”

New Object

You’ll find the new Elevator Object in Electronics/Misc. It costs 299 Simoleons.

Who can use the Elevator

All Pets and Toddler can use the Elevator

How to build them

The Elevator needs to be a bit away from Stairs or else older Sims will be confused and can’t find the Stairs to use. I have 3 Tiles between the Elevator and Stairs which works fine but 1 Tile between them should be enough. I recommend to add a ceiling light above the Elevator so the Elevator is not too dark when you put it inside (see Pics)

Left with Light above the Elevator, Right without Light above

Both with Light above the Elevators

An Elevator outside within Half Walls, No Light needed above the Elevator

English (default)
German by me
French by Maïa Game/Lorraine3055
Russian by TheSimmer26
Italian by zaffirogarnet
Spanish by ChofisAquino
Simplified Chinese & Chinese by Licer
Polish by Dariaxx

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