Spend Weekend With

Send your Kids away to visit their Grandparents or other Parent. Or send your Teens away to stay with a Friend for the Weekend…

This Mod let’s you send Household Members away to stay with Family Members or Friends for some couple of days

How the Mod works

To let Household Members spend time with others:

Via the Phone you’ll find the new Option under Social to “Spend Weekend With”. (The active Sim cannot be picked up so keep that in mind when you choose the Sim to click on the Interaction!)
The Sim (called Sim A here) you choose will come over to pick your Household Member(s) up (called Sim B here)
Sim A will spawn on your Lot and open a Simpicker Menu where you can choose Sim B who will then leave to spend some time with Sim A. Be aware: Sim B will be removed from your Household and added to the Household of Sim A! So keep that in Mind since the Household Size is limited to 8!
After Sim A called Sim B over another Simpicker will pop up so you can choose more than one Sim to be picked up by Sim A
You can also choose Pets to spend some time away
If you don’t want anymore Sims/Pets to be picked up click the X (Esc/Close) Button on the Simpicker Window!
Sim A should leave the Lot 30 Minutes after arriving which should be enough time to send a few Sims/Pets with them

To let Household Members come back:

Via the Phone Menu under Social you’ll find the Option to “Call Household Member Home” when a Household Member “is away”
Like with the “Spend Weekend With” Interaction one Simpicker will pop up for each Household Member you can call back home. If you don’t want them all to come back click the X (Esc/Close) Button on the Simpicker Pop up
Your picked Household Members will come back home and will be readded to your Household

Other Infos you should know:

Basically you can send away any Sim/Pet for as long as you wish
Household Members who are leaving the Household temporary will get a hidden Trait which disables dying, aging and culling
When Sims come back and are Teens/Children who are in the School Career they will have their Homework be done
There is a Base Chance of 40% that Sims will make new Friends when being away (if a “not met” Sim of the same Age is available). Evil/Loner Sims will have smaller Chance and Outgoing/SociallyGifted Sims will have a higher Chance
Sims may also learn some Skills & Life Skills while being away. Pets will fill up needs.
Since Sim B will be a NPC after being removed from your Household the Game will treat them like NPCs! This can mean for example that when they leave the lot that the “I really have to go now bla bla” Message will pop up. Or they will be used as Walk bys etc. I cannot prevent that!
Depending on your PC/Game Setting/Number off Mods/CC or when the Weather is bad like heavy Snow or Rain etc. the Simpicker popping up can take a little so give the Sims time to react!
If you click Close/ESC too early or the Simpicker closes for whatever reason you can restart the Pick Up Loop via the new Pie Menu Spend Weekend With on Sim A “I’m here to pick up”
You can also “Ask to Leave” Sim A via the new Pie Menu which will then let them go away

Optional Addon

Risky Addon:

With the Risky Addon dying and aging is not disabled!


More Infos:

Be aware this Mod works fine with my own Mods but other Mods can influence this Mod and cancel “my” Interactions especially those who add Gameplay to NPCs around your Lot! Same goes for a few ingame Situations (Fire/Death) which influence NPCs around them. So technically it can happen that the NPC does pick up the Sim but does not add the Loot to them so you can call them back via my Mod. Instead you have to add them back to your Household via ingame Options. I will check out if i can prevent that from happening.



English (default),
German by me
Portuguese by Ana Carolina
Dansk Translation by Sighubert
French by lorraine5530
Polish by Anulay
Dutch by Azqwerty
Italian by zomboide
Finnish by Iidesy
Czech by SimsCzechTeam
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Traditional Chinese by dannywangjo, Licer

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Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: