Small Laundry Overhaul - No Auto Laundry in Hamper

Clothes of Sims without the Lazy/Slob Traits get autonomously be thrown in the Hamper. With this Mod Part you can choose when Clothing Pile get generated. Also only at least used Clothes will get generated instead of clean Clothes you can’t wash. I added ingame Settings (Shift Click on any Hamper to find the Settings Menu). The Setting counts individually for each Lot. The default Setting is "Disallow Kids, Teens, Lazy, Slobs Only, except Neats". All possible Settings:

Allow Everyone
Disallow Everyone
Disallow Everyone except Neat Sims
Disallow Kids, Teens, Lazy, and Slobs Only
Disallow Kids, Teens, Lazy, Slobs Only, except Neats
Disallow Kids & Teens
Disallow Kids & Teens except Neat Sims
Disallow Lazy & Slobs Sims

Small Laundry Overhaul - Put Laundry in Inventory

A new Interaction via Hampers, Washing Machine, Dryer and Washtub let’s you put the Laundry into your Inventory.

Small Laundry Overhaul - Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes

When you change Clothes on Community Lots you’ll now get a Clothing Pile in your Inventory.

This happens via the following Interactions only:

Change Outfit via the Sim Menu
Change Outfit via Dresser
After taking a Shower

Small Laundry Overhaul - Doing Laundry On Community Lots Costs Money

Washing (via Washing Machine) or Drying (via Dryer) Clothes on Community Lots costs now 2 Simoleons! Added Option to let you wash/dry Clothes in WM/Dryer even if they are clean/dry.

Small Laundry Overhaul - No Sparkling Effects on Sims who wear Pristine Clothes

This will hopefully disable the sparkling Pristine VFX Effect on Sims. Let me know if they still sparkle and if so which Buff they currently have!

Small Laundry Overhaul - No Idle Animation

This should stop the Idle Animations “Brush off” & “Straighten”.

Small Laundry Overhaul - Better Hamper

Hamper Capacity increased to 100 (default 20), Washing Clothes will empty all Hampers on the Lot and not only the one you clicked on.

Small Laundry Overhaul - Small Buff Changes

This changes the following Buffs:

Clean – Happy +1 4hrs -> Fine +1 2hrs
Damp – Sad +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +0 2hrs
Dry – Fine +2 4hrs -> Fine +0 2hrs
Filthy – Uncomfortable +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +2 2hrs
Fragrant – Confident 2+ 4hrs -> Happy +0 2hrs
Grungy – Uncomfortable +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +1 2hrs
Pristine- Happy +2 4hrs -> Happy +1 2hrs
Rank- Embarrassed +2 4hrs -> Embarrassed +1 2hrs
Soaked – Angry +2 4hrs -> Uncomfortable +1 2hrs
Used – Fine +1 4hrs -> Fine +0 2hrs
Warm – Playful +2 4hrs -> Happy +1 2hrs

Small Laundry Overhaul - Auto Put Away Clothes

The Interaction Unload and put down Interaction (Dryer & Clothesline) will now put away clothes instead of putting them down. This should work for NPCs like Maid/Butler as well.

Small Laundry Overhaul - Auto Start Dry & Wash Clothes

After putting Clothes into the WM/Dryer Sims will auto turn on the WM/Dryer

Small Laundry Overhaul - Washtub Less Puddles

Lowered the Chance of Puddles while using the Washtub from 50% to 10%

Small Laundry Overhaul - Washtub Vampires Are Faster

Vampires now take 15 minutes to wash Clothes in the Washtub & Animation is faster as well.

All Parts on CurseForge:
Download via CurseForge (No Auto Laundry in Hamper)
Download via CurseForge (Put Laundry in Inventory)
Download via CurseForge (Put Laundry In Inventory On Community Lots when changing Clothes)
Download via CurseForge (Doing Laundry On Community Lots Costs Money)
Download via CurseForge (No Sparkling Effects on Sims who wear Pristine Clothes)
Download via CurseForge (No Idle Animation)
Download via CurseForge (Better Hamper)
Download via CurseForge (Small Buff Changes)
Download via CurseForge (Auto Put Away Clothes)
Download via CurseForge (Auto Start Dry & Wash Clothes)
Download via CurseForge (Washtub Less Puddles)
Download via CurseForge (Washtub Vampires Are Faster)


Download via Google Drive (All in One)



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