Small Archaeology Overhaul

What you need to know:
Getting this to work was/is a bit triggy because all Interactions are Progress based regarding the Mixer Interactions Sims are doing while doing the Main Interaction and not based on time frames. So each Time a Sim does something can be different to the next time. I did try to change some of the Progress so it makes them faster if Sims for example have reached a certain Skill level.

Excavation Pile

Digging Progress should be

~ 20% Faster with Archaeology Skill lvl 7-8
~ 40% Faster with Archaeology Skill lvl 9-10

Working at the Archaeology Table
(Analyze Collectible, Extract Element, Refine Crystal, Uncover Artifact, Authenticate Artifact)

Progress should be

~ 25% Faster Progress with Archaeology Skill lvl 7-8
~ 50% Faster Progress with Archaeology Skill lvl 9-10

I also added an Inventory to the Archaeology Table to store all the artifacts


Slower/Faster Addons for Uncover Artifact & Authenticate Artifact

(Only use one!)


Choose one of these Addons if you want the Interactions Uncover Artifact & Authenticate Artifact to be generally faster or slower. Only choose one!

Slower Addon ~ 50% Slower Progress (all level)
Faster Addon ~ 50% Faster Progress (all level)


Autonomous Pickup for Authenticate Artifact & Refine Crystal

(Can be used as Standalone!)


With this Addon after your Sim has successfully authenticated an Artifact or refined a Crystal the Object will be transfered into your Inventory. This way you can (Pause the Game to do this) tell your Sims to do several Artifacts (Uncover and/or Authenticate) after another or refine several Crystals. Make sure you don’t choose the same one twice!

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



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