Skate Everywhere

This Mod enables Roller Skating everywhere like Jogging or Go for a Walk.

You’ll find the new Option via the Sim Menu.

The Interaction is disabled when the weather is too bad or when the snow is too deep.

Hidden Skill Loot while Roller Skating:

Emotional Control (Teens/Kids)
Motor Skill (Kids) ~ 2,5%
Fitness Skill (Teens+) ~ 2,5%
Skating (all) ~ 5%

Optional Addons

Not Autonomous Addon Only install one of the Addons!
Which disables the autonomous skating.

Less Autonomous Addon Only install one of the Addons!
Which checks if a Sims Fun Motive is at least -25. Only install one of these Addons.

English (default)
Portuguese by Ana Carolina & luquesims
Japanese by maru dada
Spanish by DarkuriA
Dansk by Sighubert
French by lorraine5530
Chinese by Neala23
Russian by KissaLopa
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Polish by Dariaxx
Finnish by MaijaEllen

Known Glitch: The Wheels are not a part of the Roller Shoe Objects. They get added via VFX Effect within a Buff. Even though the Buff is there all the time when they are out roller skating the Wheels sometimes get invisible if you switch to another Sim and back.

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



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