Subscribe for our weekly + SimsLootBox + to receive various Items to collect, use or consume.

How this Mod works:

Via Phone - Household - you can open the + SimsLootBox + Menu.

There you can activate (or deactivate) your + SimsLootBox + Subscription.

After activating the Subscription you’ll receive the + SimsLootBox + each Monday via Mail. Each Box will let you know for whom the Box is in case more Sims in your Household have subscribed.

On the Box itself you can open the Box to see what you got or you can send the Box back if you don’t want this Box. Your Subscription is still active though. To deactivate your Subscription use the + SimsLootBox + Menu described above.

What you also need to know:

I used Tags for most Objects as possible SimsLootBox Items. Unfortunaly some Tags are also added to “Debug Objects”. So sometimes it can happen that you’ll get a Debug Object which you’ll find in your Inventory or Household Inventory. I decided to live with those debug items because using Tags makes it more compatible with possible CC Items (for example custom Harvestables).


English (default)
German (by me)
Russian by muramr & Їsadøra
French by Marina & CandymanGaming
Portuguese by LuqueSims
Italian by zaffirogarnet
Chinese & Simplified Chinese by Licer
Dutch by Angel2Evil
Polish by Dariaxx
Czech by Danlerco

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