Send Sims to Bed

This little tuning Mods adds new Options to Beds. Thx to 57goldtop (Mod the Sims) for the Idea.

Send to Bed (Single & Double Bed)

“Send to Bed” lets you choose a Sim and send them to Bed. You can even choose Sims that are not in your Household and you know when they’re on your lot.
You can even send 2 Sims to Bed (double) if they are in a relationship or related.

Go to Bed with (Double Bed)

“Go to Bed with” lets you choose a Sim and send them to Bed and the active Sim will also go to Bed to sleep.

You can even use this to “force” Sims to stay the Night with this. You may lock your Guestroom with my “Open Doors for chosen Sims” Mod so your guests are not disturbed by Sims who consider it “inappropriate” And to be sure they don’t sneak out in the middle of the Night you may lock the Main Door too.

Optional Addon

Assign Bed & Sleeptime

This lets you Assign Beds to Guests etc.

The Interaction Sleeptime let’s you choose Sims who then get really tired and go to their assigned Beds. However sometimes they still prefer to Nap or Relax.

Polish by Pawlq/ Dariaxx
French by cinthila
Portuguese by guedespoa
Spanish by efsamos4 & Juniorcayher
Chinese by Christine_jxn/ Soulkiller
Danish by Sighubert
Swedish (by hellogreeny)
Russian (by maclay)
Swedish by hellogreeny
French by lorraine5530
Japanese by maru dada
Italian by zomboide
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Dutch by angel2evil

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