Retail Overhaul (Hire certain Employees/Better Shopping as a Customer & more)

A “small” Retail Overhaul which let’s you hire certain Employees and intends a better “Customer” Feeling when you are going shopping.

This Mod has three Main Parts. Install those you want:


Hire certain Employees


Certain Employees hireable including Lot Owner and Family Member!
You can choose certain Sims to be your Employees even Sims from your own Household.
You need to give Sims you want to show in the Hire Employee Menu a hidden Trait via the new Retail Store Register Pie Menu. The Sims need to be without a Career because they get the Retail Career then!
After this the Sim will most likely be on top of the List of possible Employees (If they are not on the current Lot!) If they don’t show up the first try, check the Pie Menu and remove the Trait of all Sims you don’t want to show up to be hireable.

I also adjusted the Behaviour of Employees a little react faster to situations (Restock, Ring Up & Co) as well as Customers (faster purchase intent)
Added Option on Doors to Set Shop to “Open” (New Customers will spawn) and “Close” (No new Customers will spawn) like you can do in Restaurants or Vet Clinics.
Via a new Option on Employees you can enable “more Tasks” for certain Employees. These will add an extra hidden Buff to Sims to Ring Up Customers & Social Interact with Customers when they are task to clean etc. I recommend to enable this.


Go Shopping – More Options


Fruits, Veggies & Herbs
All Fruits, Veggies & Herbs are buyable via Retail Fridges
All Fish are buyable via Aquariums
Baked Goods
Buy Single Bakery Dishes like Bagels, Donuts & Co. via Warming Rack
Flowers & Plants
All Flowers & Plants are buyable via Store Register
All Books are buyable via Bookshelfs.
Added this also to the Retail Bookshelf plus added an Inventory to this Bookshelf and the Options to Read etc.


Optional Addons


Pet Toys/ Pet Treats
As a Customer you can buy Pet Toys/ Pet Treats via Registers
Jungle Adventure / Camping Supplies
As a Customer you can buy Jungle Adventure / Camping Supplies via Registers (not the Items you can buy on the Craftsalestables in the Jungle Adventure World)


Go Shopping – Outfits


Buying Clothes
As a Customer you can now change the Outfit of Mannequins and later try & buy it.
Toddler can buy Oufits via Mirrors
Toddler can now buy Outfits as a Customer. After they paid the Price (Base Price 50$) they will be loaded in CAS where you can add/change their Outfit. It may take a moment for the CAS to load.
Pet Outfits
You’ll find a new Option to buy Outfits on Pets when you visit a not owned Retail Store with them. (Base Price 25$)
Prices Overhaul
Instead of the same Price (Base Price 175$) for every Outfit there are now different Outfits which gets calculated depending on the following characteristics: Children (50% Discount), Gender & Poses of Mannequins. The prices will increase in the following order of Poses Playful – > Active -> Confident -> Flirty -> Business

All Parts on CurseForge:
Download via CurseForge (Hire certain Employees Part)
Download via CurseForge (Go Shopping – More Options Part)
Download via CurseForge (Go Shopping – Outfits Part)


Download via Google Drive



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