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Below you’ll find a list of all my Random Small Mods and download links.
Please only download mods you really want/need and let me know if you find any downloads that link to the wrong file.

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All Mods are checked for the latest Patch:  1.98.127

A lot of my Mods need the XML Injector Mod to work!

There are currently 116 Mods available in Random Small Mods
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+Mod NamePack(s)UpdatedCurseForgeGoogle DrivePacks requiredMod DescriptionChangelogXML used
Round Dining Tables SlotDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Round Dining Tables (Laundry, Jungle Adv. DLCs) will now have a Food Slot in the middle of the Table
Wake Up (Animation) OverhaulDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Thanks to nabob052 (The Secret Agent Modder on Discord who kicked my Ass in the right Direction) i finally found out how to change the Animations when Sims wake up. Now this is what i changed:
1. Sims with the following Moods will wake up more unmotivated "Sad, Happy, Bored, Embarrassed, Uncomfortable, Fine, Tense, Dazed"
2. Sims with other Moods will wake up more motivated "Focused, Energized, Flirty, Inspired, Confident, Playful"
3. Angry Sims will still wake up angry
4. This will also affect Children. The bugged always in Panic wakeup is overridden with the unmotivated wake up.

Auto Grab Drink when Eating2023-04-09DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Sims who are eating at the Table and will autonomously grab a Drink when nearby.09.04.2023 - Some Tweaks regardings Sims getting up to get Water from sinks. Be aware, i never had this issue in my Game, so i kind of blindly tweak here.
03.04.2023 - Beside the Autonomy Push to drink, i added an interaction when sims start eating, so they will drink right when they start eating. Make sure the drink is in the drink slot or else they will get up to get it.
No Shoes at Home2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) When Sims are inside on a Residential Lot they will take of their Shoes (Unfortunaly also slippers). Be aware Foundations count as inside no matter if they are a Patio etc.
Auto Brush Teeth2022-08-21DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Sims will auto Brush their Teeth after they have puked. Sims will get a Buff with a autonomous Behaviour to Brush their Teeth. Only works if Autonomy is enabled. I added a Toggle Option to Sinks to disallow Brush Teeth.
Optional Addons:
- After Eating too - If you add the Eating Addon they will also Brush their Teeth after Eating.
- Disable Toggle Options: which prevents the "Allow/Disallow Brush Teeth" Interactions to be added ingame
- Disabled Brush Teeth Sinks Will Allow Wash Dishes Only - Sims will only wash Dishes in Sinks where the Brush Teeth is disabled via my Interaction. If you allow Brush Teeth in Bathrooms but disallow in Kitchen they will only use the Kitchen Sink(s) to wash dishes then
No Auto Put away Toys & Pet ToysDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)

Sims incl. Maids etc will not autonomously Put away Toys & Pet Toys

Release all Ghosts & Get Urn for2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Instead of releasing all Ghosts one by one via Urns/Gravestones in each Household you can use the new "Release all Ghosts" Option on Urns/Gravestones. It will release all Ghosts without deleting them from the Family Tree. Ghosts that are in Households are not affected. "Get Urn for" will add a Urn inside your Sims Inventory which stores the Ghost Sim/Pet. This is helpful if a Sim dies off Lot which usually does not generate a Urn.
No Aging Trait2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) I let unplayed Sims age up but there are some Sims i don't want to age up at all. You can use MCC to flag Sims one by one but i wanted to be able to add/remove a No Aging Trait easier. So i added a Pie Menu to Computer/Tablets where the No Aging Trait can be added/removed to Sims (mind. Age Toddler)
Higher Distance for Sim Call Over2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Changed the Distance to be able to call a Sim over from 30 to 500. They are just way too far away sometimes14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Photos storageable2022-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)A Mod that makes Photos storageable in Storage Chests, Toy Boxes and Craft Sales Table
Be aware if you use a Mod that makes some Inventories not shareable it will break your Photos if you put them into those. So only use "no Inventory sharing" OR "Photos storable" but not both.
Auto Put Painting in InventoryDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) After finishing a Painting it will get transferred into the Sims Inventory
Auto Put Crafts in Inventory for the Kids Activity TableDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) After finishing a Painting or Craftables it will get transferred into the Sims Inventory plus added new Buff
Guests Only Order Drink When Not Busy2021-07-17DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Sometimes too many Sims order at Bars/Expressobars so i tried to tone it down a bit. I also added more possible Drinks for NPCs to order (Bars)
Poster UnlockedDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Makes the Positivity Challenge Poster buyable
Toddler Don't go to Daycare2023-03-18DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Via Computer & Tablets you find new Options to add/remove a hidden Trait to Toddlers. Toddler with this Trait added will not go to Daycare. It will prevent them to go into the Rabbithole. Be aware the Daycare System is deeper coded so you will still get the Message to choose to hire a Nanny or send them to Daycare as well as all the Notification when they "leave" and "come back". Just click on Send to Daycare. Their Household Potrait will also be greyed out but you can still control them etc. I highly recommend to make sure someone is on the Lot to take care of them like a non Household Family Member or Babysitter. I will not be responsible if something happens if you let them be alone completely! (Does not work with Babies yet). "18.03.2023 - Added Support for Infants. Needs XML Injector now
Grade/Highschool Change into Everyday2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Kids will change into Everyday Clothes when going to school.14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Purchased Items delievered via Mail2023-03-25DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Ordering via Computer will now deliver the Items via Mail instead of the Actors Inventory. This counts for all Ordering Options except the Gifts (Seasons), Crystals & Earbuds. I also added missing Order Options for Pet Toys & Toys. Only install DLC specific Packages if you have those installed! (Does NOT work for CC Items that have their own Object Tuning File!) 25.03.2023 - Added Support for two new Books, and the XML Injector
Auto Use Picnic Table when eating2022-08-21DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) I love the Holiday Picnic Table but EA changed some Tags for those which prevents Sims to use them automatically when eating for example. Sims will just stand around them with the plates in hand and eat while standing. I readded the Dining Fun Tags so they will be used by Sims again to sit and eat there etc. This works for all Picnic Tables ingame.
Bad Environment Buff TweakDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) All my Sims were getting the Uncomfortable Buff so i tweaked it a bit. The Small Buff is changed from +1 Uncomfortable to Fine with a Duration of 30 Minutes instead of 120. The Middle Buff is changed from +2 Uncomfortable to +1 Uncomfortable with a Duration of 60 Minutes instead of 120. The High Buff is changed from +3 Uncomfortable to +2 Uncomfortable
Auto Check Toddler & Infants Tweaks2023-03-25DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Changed the Cooldown from 5 minutes to 60. Sims will now check on Toddler & Infants regulary when Motives are low (Hunger, Hygiene, Energy), Diapers need to be changed or when the Cooldown is over (To play with them, talk, teach Flashcards etc.)25.03.2023 - Added Support for Infants (Renamed File!)
14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Livestream For Everyone2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Unlocks Livestreaming via Computer14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Stereo Deco SlotsDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Added Deco Slots to some Stereos so when you shrink them they fit on small Deco Slots. Stereos i edited: Tower of Power Floor Speakers (Base Game), Slick Beats by DJ Sudoku (Spa Day), HiFive High Fidelity Stereo and the Blast from the Glass Floor Speakers (City Living)
Prefer Leftover2021-08-08DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Sims don't auto cook if food is in the fridge and instead prefer to eat the leftover. Keep in mind if you use my "No Auto Food Grab" Mod: That Mod will stop Sims from getting leftover autonomously when the "prevent buff" is active (The Autofill Button in the UI is autonomous behaviour as well). If that is the case you need to manually send them to get leftover."
New Hug Animation If Confident2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet FamousI like the Hug Animation of the Actor Career so i included the Animation into the "normal" Hug Interaction. If the Actor Sim is confident & not in 2nd & 3rd Trimester (as well as the Target) they can use the "Risky Hug" Interaction. Be aware only Teens up can use it & with the Animation comes a small social Interaction where Sims talk and you can clearly see/hear that it is "acting". Cannot change that part.14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Small Get Famous Reactions OverhaulDownloadDownloadDownloadGet FamousWill add some edited loot reactions in here if they are too annoying.
Added so far:
- Reaction_Pristine_Sim (Disabled at all)
- Broadcaster_Celebrity_Pose (Only Fans will be affected)
- broadcaster_Celebrity_InciteCheers (Only Fans will be affected)
- broadcaster_Celebrity_FamePerk_Rally_DrawCrowd (Only Fans will be affected)
- broadcaster_Celebrity_Performance_DrawCrowd (Important Sims like DJ should not be affected anmore, plus only NPCs should be affected)
- broadcaster_Celebrity_NearbySims (Sims will only react disgusted when a Paparazzi is nearby)
Chicken Mask For Background Actors OnlyDownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous The Chicken Mask will only get added to Background Actors and not the Main Actor in Super Hero Customes
Famous Sims Gain Followers AutomaticallyDownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous Famous Sims will get Followers without the need to do something (because they are famous :P). They will get a Notification after spawning to let them know how many Followers they got. This has a hidden Cooldown of 24hrs.
Bouncer Only Homeless Sims2022-06-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous Bouncer will only be Homeless NPCs. (I was tired of seeing my own Sims from my active Household being a Bouncer)
Fan Stans Only Homeless Sims2022-06-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous Fan Stan Situations so those will only be homeless NPCs now.
No Celeb Outfit CopyingDownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous This should prevent Sims to copy the Outfit of Celebs.
No Job Offer Calls & No Blind Date Calls2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous Those Calls should not happen anymore14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Improved VIP RopeDownloadDownloadDownloadGet Famous Lot Owners are allowed to go though VIP Doors. A new Interaction on VIP Doors is available for Lot Owners to allow access to ther Sims
Toddler Play in Ocean with Seashell (instead of a Duck)DownloadDownloadDownloadIsland Living Instead of the Duck Toddler will play with Seashells they find when playing in the Ocean
Island Living Lot Traits UnlockedDownloadDownloadDownloadIsland Living Unlocks the Lot Traits "Oceanic Paradise" & "Clothing Optional"
Allow Stoves on University Housing Lots2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover UniversityEnables Stoves being buildable on University Housing Lots
Faster Run To University ClassDownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover UniversitySims are just too slow to go to Class and end up being too late often so with this Mod they get a hidden Buff which let's them run a bit faster to Class. The Buff last 25 Minutes which should be long enough.
Buy more Upgrade Parts2021-08-11DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)
Partly for Features:
Cottage Living
Discover University
Eco Lifestyle
This adds Packages with multiple Upgrade Parts and a 10% Discount to the Purchase Menu:
50x Common Upgrade Parts for 450$
25x Plumbing Upgrade Parts for 675$
20x Kitchen Upgrade Parts for 1.620$
20x Electronic Upgrade Parts for 2.250$
100 x Robot Salvage Parts for 450$
20 x Eco Upgrade Parts for 900$
20 x Livestock Upgrade Parts for 1.800$
(I also added the missing single Eco & Livestock Upgrade Parts to the Purchase Menu)
Roommates no random Outfit ChangingDownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University Roommates with the Big Closet Quirk should not change into random Everyday Outfits anymore
Only High Mischief Skill Sims Cheat At Final ExamDownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University When Sims take the Final Exam there is a random Loot where they cheat and either fail or succeed at cheating. Every Sim that is not at least lvl 4 in Mischief has a high Chance to fail and get caught. I changed the random loot a bit: Only Sims with at least level 6 in Mischief should cheat and only have a chance to fail when they have the Clumsy Trait.
Copy Graduation Photos and Diplomas2022-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University (Idea by Chocolate)Let's you copy your Diplomas & Grad. Photos
Less play Ping Pong with2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University This should prevent Sims to play Ping Pong with Maids and other important Job NPCs. It also lowers the desire to play ping pong a bit.14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Less kick Soccerball withDownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University This should prevent Sims to kick Soccerball with Maids and other important Job NPCs.
Nurture Gives More HealthDownloadDownloadDownloadEco Lifestyle Lowered the time to nurture and increased the affect on Health.
Meat Wall for everyoneDownloadDownloadDownloadEco Lifestyle Unlocks the convert to Meat Wall Interaction
No Auto Dive For Meals In DumpsterDownloadDownloadDownloadEco Lifestyle When i used the Auto Fullfill Hunger they always want to jump into the dumpster. I needed to stop that.
Higher Skill Faster Candle Making2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadEco Lifestyle The higher the Fabrication skill of a Sim the faster the Candle making will be: lvl 2 and lower = default speed, lvl 3-5 = 1,5x faster, lvl 6-8 = 2,25x faster and lvl 9 and higher = 4,5x faster. Sims who have the Fabrication skill lvl 5 and lower and the Handiness Skill lvl 6 and higher will also get the 1,5x faster bonus. 14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Healthy Food On Fridges2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadSnowy Escape Snowy Escape has a new fridge "Cook Healthy Meal" Interaction with new recipes which is only available for Sims with an Health Food Nut Trait. I added it so all Sims are able to cook it!
No Animations No Shoes SignDownloadDownloadDownloadSnowy Escape If was a bit annoyed that Sims would stop & have this weird Animation when changing into Slippers etc. with the No Shoes Indoors Sign. So i removed those Animations.
LunchSack into Inventory2021-06-26DownloadDownloadDownloadParenthood The LunchSack will now be transfered into the Sims Inventory instead of being placed down at random places where it will never be found
Placemats only disappear after finished EatingDownloadDownloadDownloadParenthoodPlacemats disappear after eating or only when you manually remove them.
NPCs Auto Massage & Meditation2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadSpa Day (not needed if you have the More buyable Venues Mod it is already included there!!!)Spa Guest NPCs ask autonomously for a Massage at MassageTables & meditate autonomously via MeditationStool
Better Quality Drinks Spa Day Tray2021-09-08DownloadDownloadDownloadSpa Day The Drinks of the Try are now outstanding
Better Quality Drinks Backyard Tray DownloadDownloadDownloadBackyard The Drinks of the Try are now outstanding
Feathers around Bird FeederDownloadDownloadDownloadBackyard When the Birds Feeder Animation is on there is a 5% Chance every 10 minutes that Feather Piles will appear around it.
Restaurant Faster Cooking 2022-09-30DownloadDownloadDownloadDine Out There are three different Speed Options for Chefs at Restaurants. Quick has 1 cooking state. Normal has 3 and Careful has 5. I changed it to Quick 1, Normal 2 and Careful 3. I also changed some of the Cooking (Pan/Pot/CuttingBoard) Interactions to be faster. Added a Fix so Chefs won’t get stuck outside.
Vampires No Cold Breath2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadVampires Disables the VFX of the Cold Breaths for Vampires14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Scanner Better BatteryDownloadDownloadDownloadStrangerville Scanner last 4x longer
Plane not fadingDownloadDownloadDownloadStrangerville Disables the big part of the plane to fade
Spar with Sim2022-06-19DownloadDownloadDownloadStrangerville A new Interaction on TargetSims is available "Spar with..." when both Sims have at least lvl 3 in Fitness (Teen - Adult)
Buybale Curse Cleansing Potion2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadRealm of Magic Adds a buyable Curse Cleansing Potion (250$) at the Potion Ingredients Vendor in Casters Ally. Because of an Animation Error i replaced the Animation which does not look 100% accurate (until EA fixes it)
Buy Spells and Potions Tomes via PC2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadRealm of MagicBuy Tomes via any Computer. Sims need to be Spellcaster, and Teens or older.
Do more while using Earbud2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadFitness Some Interactions where blocked when using Earbuds which are now working (for example Jogging)14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Tiny Living Lot Traits enabledDownloadDownloadDownloadTiny Living Enabled the hidden Lot Traits and adds their features as hidden Buffs instead of the original visible Tiny Home Buffs so you can use them on other Lots as well.
More Plopsy Objects2022-05-20DownloadDownloadDownloadKnittingAdded Plopsy Options to the following Objects (so far): At Woodworking Table crafted Instruments; At Robotics Workstation crafted Utili-Bots, Chatter Bots, RC Quadcopter. Collectibles: Crystals, Metal, Fossils, Frogs, My Sims, Elements, Insects, Aliens, City Life Poster, City Life Snowglobes, Snowy Escape Gachapons, Artifacts.
XML Injector needed to work
Less Idle AnimationDownloadDownloadDownloadBust the Dust Disabled the routing idle Animations except when the place is Filthy
Reduced Dust Spawn Rate2022-03-16DownloadDownloadDownloadBust the Dust The Time until new Dust spawns got increased by 100%
Less Bunny RewardsDownloadDownloadDownloadBust the DustMoney Loot is now only between 1-3$ and the Chance to get some is lowered to 5%. Object Rewards are disabled completely.
Optional Addon:
- "No Money at all" which disables Money as well
No Audio Sound & Dirty Floors2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadBust the DustI disabled the Dust Overlay on the whole Floor so now only Dust Piles & Bunnies will appear. The sounds when the Floor State changes is also disabled.
Optional Addons:
- "No Bunnies", "No DustPiles" disables Bunnies and/or DustPiles
- "Keep Audio", "Keep Dirty Floors" to enable Audio and Dirty Floors for those who want that
Vacuum Time and Autonomy Changes2023-04-09DownloadDownloadDownloadBust the DustReduced the Time for vacuuming by half and changes the Autonomy so Sims will only Vacuum when it is at least dirty.
Optional Addon:
- "Not in Inventory" where Sims (non NPC on Home Lots) should not put Vacuum Cleaner inside their Inventory (There is a visual Animation Glitch i could not get rid off, where the cleaner is visable between put in inventory and add to world). Be aware a cleaner must be on a lot level or else Sims cannot vacuum.
09.04.2023 - Some Tweaks to the periodic loot to clean the dust better
14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Warmly Greeting always available for VetsDownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Greet your Patients warmly even if you are in a bad mood
Dogs longer Lay Down CommandDownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Want to go on a Adventure with your Dog and don't want them to stray around hunting dangerous Squirrels? Command them to lie donw (they need to have learned the command of course) and they will lie down up to 300 min (default 5 min). Every Interaction with your Pet will Cancel the Command. Also it will fill up the Energy Motive.
Dogs change into Everyday Outfit after a Walk2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs After getting unleashed Dogs will now change autonom into a Everyday Outfit.
Pets Longer Nap2022-09-24DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Pets now sleep longer when they are napping. Default time was 45-60min. New Time is 180-240min unless they get woken up by someone/something.
Buy Treats via PC2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Buy all Vet Treats via PC under the Order Pie Menu
Lay Down Success Chance (Command via Pet Beds)DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs I added a higher Chance to successful command a Pet to lie down on the Pet Bed when Dogs have the Lie down Command Trait learnd and when Cats have the smart Trait.
Call Over will wake up PetsDownloadDownloadDownloadCats & DogsWhen you call a Pet over via the whistle it will fully wake them up
Faster Pick UpDownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Removes the "Speak to Pet" Animation before picking Pets up which makes it faster
Brindleton Bay No Stray Dogs & Cats (replaced with non Homeless Cats)2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs Instead of Stray Dogs & Cats only Cats will walk around BB which have a Home
Flower Arrangments require all IngredientsSeasons2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons All Ingredients are now needed with this Mod14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Flower Arrangments slower decaySeasonsDownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons Instead of 2 Days they will now take 7 Days before they wilt
Change into Everyday when insideSeasons2023-03-15DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasonsSims wearing Cold Clothes will change into Everyday Clothes when back inside. It affects Residential Lots as well as Community Lots but it only affects Community Lots that has the new Lot Trait "Change Into Everyday" added.
Optional Addons:
Freezing Thermostat On - Sims only change into Everday when it is cool or cold. When it is freezing they will only change when a Thermostat is set to warmer!
All Lots Without Lot Traits Requirement- For those who want the Mod to work on all Community Lots even without the Mods Lot Trait added
15.03.2023 - Excluded Infants, since there is an ingame streching Bug going on.
Autolight Fireplace when it is cold/freezing outsideSeasons2022-09-30DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons Sims will now Autolight the Fireplace only when it is indeed cold/freezing outside instead in the middle of a Heatwave. This does not affect the Autolight Upgrade State of Fireplaces!
No Present opening CooldownSeasonsDownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons "Why do i have to wait three hours until i can open my next Present Mom?"
More Costume Options for Wear Costume HolidaySeasonsDownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons Pirat, Pumpkin, Skeleton, Princess, Holiday Helper for Kids. Fairy, Witch for Teens
Auto Open Umbrella on Rainy Days OnlySeasons2022-06-14DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons I was tired of seeing my Vampire (and others) open the Umbrella over and over again. So with this Sims will only auto open Umbrellas if it is raining
Teen Can Buy Lottery TicketSeasons2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons Enables the buy Ticket Interactions and Love this Tradition for Teens14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
No Kids Outdoor Objects in Rain or Heavy SnowSeasonsDownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons When the Weather is bad and the Object (Monkey Bar, Jungle Gym, Swings, Dollhouse) is outside certain Interactions are disabled to prevent Kids to do them autonomously.
No Auto Club Gathering (Active Household)2022-08-21DownloadDownloadDownloadGet Together Usually when you are in a Club an travel to a Lot with one/two more Members of the same Club the autonomously starts a Gathering even if you don’t want that. This stops those auto Gatherings! It will not stop NPC Gatherings that are happening and you can still manually start a Gathering.
Keyboard Piano sounds2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadCity Living I did not like the Sound of the keyboard when using it so i changed it to the sounds when playing the Piano. The Autoplay is still the old Keyboard sound14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Spice Market - Chilli, Curry, Saffron & Wasabi buyableDownloadDownloadDownloadCity Living Chilli, Curry, Saffron & Wasabi buyable via Computer - Order
Better Quality Food MarketStallsDownloadDownloadDownloadCity Living Foods at Marketsstalls are now outstanding
Livestream For Everyone Videoconsole2022-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadCity Living Unlocks Livestreaming via VideoConsole
RoboticsTable Faster Crafting For Higher Robotics Skill Level2022-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadDiscover University Sims with higher Robotics Skill level will craft faster (Amount +1 for each Skill level). I also lowered the Chance for the Electrocuted Buff from Value 1 to 0.25
Lower Fire ChanceDownloadDownloadDownloadBust the DustLowers the Chance of Fires because of Dust to 11% and 3% (default 33% and 10%)
Optional Addon:
Addon for no Fire at all
Better Animal Hygiene2021-07-24 DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage Living Cleaning Cows/Llamas is 4x faster and decay Rate of Hygiene is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs)
Better Animal Hunger2021-07-24 DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage Living The Decay Rate of Hunger is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs)
Better Animal Activity 2021-07-24DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage Living The Decay Rate of Activity (Attention) is 4x slower than default (default is 6 hrs)
Call Befriended Rabbit Out (via Rabbit Homes) Tweak2021-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage Living Some Tweaks to make it easier to lure befriended Rabbits out of the Rabbit Home for example the required Relationship Value is lowered from 35 to 10.
Give Gifts More Produce Options To Rabbits2022-08-06DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage LivingLet's you gift more produce to Rabbits, like all Veggies, Fruits, Herbs.
Removes the Cooldown which let's you gift produce only once which forces you to gift other "things" (does not remove the cooldown of gift giving once per day)
Optional Addon:
Hide All Others - I don't want to gift a Book etc. to Rabbits, so this Addon hides all options and only leaves the produce option.
Protective RaincoatsSeasons2021-08-17DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasons Sims wearing one of the Seasons Pack Raincoats will get a hidden Buff which protects them from the "Uncomfortably Wet" Buffs. Since the Raincoats keep them dry, they'll not use Umbrellas as well.
Less Fury Gain2022-06-17DownloadDownloadDownloadWerewolves A little Mod to make Werewolves a bit more bearable. I lowered the Fury Gain to 25%.
Feral Run Lowers Fury2022-06-19DownloadDownloadDownloadWerewolves Fury gets lowered when Werewolves go for a Feral Run
Choose Leftover2022-07-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Instead of letting Sims randomly choose a Leftover (they love cakes & cupcakes...), a pop up menu will appear where you can choose the leftover your Sim should eat.
Mermaids No Idles2022-08-01DownloadDownloadDownloadIsland Living Removes the Coo/Hum Idles of Mermaids
Claim All The Things2022-08-01DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only) Adds a Shift Click Claim Option to certain Objects which is helpful to remove/move Items dropped by NPCs. Option is added to Nesting Blocks, Toys, Food Single Serving, Food Multi Servings, Toddler Drinks, Tablets, Homework, Books.
Better Power Water Production2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadEco Lifestyle Changes the Power/ Water Production of Solar Panels, Windturbines and Water Collectors 10x higher.14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Please Be A Bit Calmer Werewolves2023-04-09DownloadDownloadDownloadWerewolves This has two Parts that can be used together or on their own each: 1) "Normal Animations" - Removes the Animation override for example the Eat Animation 2) "Lower Chance For Temperament Buffs" - the Chance to get one of those Angry Temperament Buffs is set to 5% each.09.04.2023 - Fixed an issue with werewolves babies losting the werewolf trait when growing up to infants.
Stream Let's Play For Everyone2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadCity LivingUnlocks Stream Let's Play via Computer & VideoGameConsole.
Optional Addons:
Donations, where i edited the random Donation Money Loot a bit
Less Follower Gain, where i adjust EA’s ridiculously high Follower amount to the same amount you get for Livestreaming.
14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)
Order More Groceries2022-08-21DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage LivingAdded more Items to the List of Grocery Delivery & removed the quantity limit of items
Sell More Knitting Objects Via Retail2022-08-13DownloadDownloadDownloadKnittingAdds the Option for Retail to Plant Decorations you can knit, so these are sellable as well in Retail Shops
Autonomy Tweaks2022-08-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Some small Tweaks to Autonomy: a) after telling my Sim to do an interaction they will wait 15 sim minutes until they do stuff autonomously when the interaction is finished. In default they will only wait 5 sim minutes. b) when sims are doing interactions they can choose from sub(inter)actions based on mixer groups (default,idles,targeted). For example a Werewolf does an interaction and while doing so, they do their werewolf idle. The base chances of those groups to choose from are default 20%, idle 60%, targeted 20%. I lowered the idle chance to 15%, and set the default higher.
After School Activities Only Once Per Week2022-08-14DownloadDownloadDownloadAt least one of the following Packs: Discover University Get Famous HighSchool Years SeasonsGoing to School is already hard enough, so i changed the Days of After School Activites to once per Week instead of 2-3 times per Week.
  • Discover University: E-Sports = Thursday, SoccerTeam = Monday
  • Get Famous: DramaClub = Wednesday
  • HighSchool Years: CheerTeam = Tuesday, ChessTeam = Wednesday, ComputerTeam = Wednesday, FootballTeam = Tuesday
  • Seasons: Scouting = Saturday
Restaurant Eating Tweaks2022-09-30DownloadDownloadDownloadDine OutWhen testing the "No Restaurant Bill when invited" Mod, i was too annoyed by my Sims not eating their Food. This Mod let's them eat first and then drink, so the food interaction will not get cancelled when the finish their drink. It also increases the Chances for the Food to be of better Quality.
Improved Auto Object Choosing2022-10-30DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)This Mods tries to improve how Sims choose Objects when they get an push by other interactions. So far added is the push to Wash Hands after flushing the Toilet or puking. It adds a max. 5 (Tiles) distance test to the wash hands interactions, so Sims should choose the sink which is in the same bathroom, instead of the one onthe other side of the lot.
No Spoiling Dried Animal Food2022-10-30DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & DogsDried Food for Dogs/Cats does not spoil anymore.
Animal Tweaks When Sheds Are Hidden2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage LivingI like to minimize the Sheds (with help of T.O.O.L by Twisted Mexi) and hide them in Buckets to build my own Sheds. Unfortunaley this meant that Cows/Llamas would become invisible, when they are "inside" etc. So this Mods tweaks that a bit: Cows & Llama stay visible. Sims stay visible as well when cleaning/refilling inside Sheds, but since there is no "real" Animation they just go inside & out again. Woohoo is still invisible though.
14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update ( a lot of Mods use XML Injector now, instead of having their own Script File)