Random Bug Fixes

Below you’ll find a list of all my Random Bug Fixes and download links.
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All Mods are checked for the latest Patch:  1.96.365

A lot of my Mods need the XML Injector Mod to work!

There are currently 26 Mods available in Random Bug Fixes
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+Mod NamePack(s)UpdatedCurseForgeGoogle DrivePack requiredMod DescriptionChangelogXML used
Trait Buff Fixes2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)This Fixes some Trait Buffs which gets added even if the Sim does not have the Trait. With this Fix they will only get added if the Sim has the Trait it belongs to! Added so far: Lovelorn (Romantic) | Feeling Uncreative (Creative Uncreative) | Run, Run, Run (Toddler) | Stale Surroundings (Materialistic) | Not Enough Exercise (Active Antsy) | Feeling Smothered (Commitment Issues) | Feeling Trapped (Commitment Issues) | Unchallenged (Genius) | Where's the Party At? (Dance Machine) | Ugh! Children! (Hates Children) | Ugh, Toddlers (Hates Children) | Need To Swipe (Kleptomaniac) | Curious about Clubs (Insider) | Where Is Everyone? (Toddler Charmer) | Promotion Anxiety (Ambitious) | Missing Furry Friends (Animal Enthusiast)
Know more Trait Buffs that are Bugged? Let me know!
14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update
Breakthrough FixDownloadDownloadDownloadGet to WorkOnly Scientists or retired Scientists should get Breakthroughs now
Pet to Pet Greeting/Be Nice Fix2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & Dogs+ Pets don't autonomously get in contact with other Pets they have never met before
The actual Pet to Pet Greeting Interaction is set to no autonomous which does not make sense if we actually can't play Pets. I really don't know if EA was knowing what they were doing but this does not make sense to me. I set it to autonomous. This Part will be a Work in Progress because only spending time playing the game will show how this autonomous Interaction will be used by Pets.
+ If you ask them to be nice to another Pet they have never met nothing happens
When you send your Dog to be nice to another Dog (which they’ve never met) a loot will be added via the Interaction BUT EA messed this up. Instead of giving the loot (add relationship Pet to Pet) to your Pet and the other Pet it is added to the Actor (the Sim themself) and your Pet. I changed the Loot so your Pet and the other Pet will get the Relationship added!
Invite over NPC Toddler on Park Venue Fix2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)There seems to be a Bug which prevents NPC Toddlers to spawn when you invite them over at the Park. I fixed that, so Toddlers can spawn again.14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update, and optimizing of Script Part to use XML Injector now
Advanced Wellness Treat Fix DownloadDownloadDownloadCats & DogsGiving Pets the Wellness Treat Blocks Sicknesses that Pets can get through other special Treats. But the Wellness Treat Buff gives Pets also the Sickness Anxious Buff which just makes no sense at all in my Opinion. So this Mod fixes that! I also added loot on addition which should remove sicknesses so the Wellness Treat will really make your Pet feel well.
Weather NPC Deaths2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadSeasonsTo prevent to many NPCs from dying i added a Fix to test out if this helps NPCs to survive the Weather. This adds a Buff to all NPCS to make them Immune to Weather. You can choose a 100% or 90% Chance to get the Buff added (whichever package you install).14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update, and optimizing of Script Part to use XML Injector now
Spooky Candy Bowl = Trick Treat2021-11-03DownloadDownloadDownloadSpooky StuffTaking Candy from the Spooky DLC Bowl will fullfil the Trick & Treat Tradition
Fame Quirk Fix2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet FamousQuirk Buffs should only get added to Sims who have the Quirks unlocked 14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update
Stop Eating Spoiled Food Fix 2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)I edited the Freshness Spoiled Object State for the Fix to disable all eating interactions when food/drinks are spoiled so your Sims should not be able to eat spoiled Food anymore. If the Food gets spoiled while they are eating already it might not work then. Cleaning & Debug Cheats should still work fine.
Buyable Witch Perk Reset Potion Animation Fix2021-07-21DownloadDownloadDownloadRealm of MagicFixes an Animation Error when drinking the buyable Potion. I replaced it with another Animation so it does not look 100% accurate.
Elevator Fix for Toddler & Pets2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadCity Living
Discover University
Partly for Features:
Cats & Dogs
Since University Toddlers & Pets cannot use the Elevators anymore and get Routing Errors. Why? Because EA forgot to add the new Elevator Portal they added to them as well. This Fix adds it to them. Be aware if you use my Pregnancy Overhaul (Belly Size Versions) Mod don't use the fix for Toddlers but use the updated Version of the Pregancy Overhaul instead since i included the Fix for Toddler in there!14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update, and optimizing of Script Part to use XML Injector now
Missing Channels2023-01-29DownloadDownloadDownloadTiny LivingThe new TVs of the Pack have one Channel (Weather) missing which is fixed.
Murphy Beds Fix2023-03-14DownloadDownloadDownloadTiny LivingAnother Bug Fix for Tiny Houses so the new Beds won't break every Night 14.03.2023 - Patch 1.96.365 Update
Aspiration Fix2022-07-27DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Which changes the "do xyz in x hrs" into "do xyz x times". For example "Read to Child for 2 hours" is now "Read to Child 2 times". I did not change the Text though. Not all people have this Issue and get LastException Errors but a lot. So if you are one who have it, you can use this Fix to prevent the Error or to fix saves which already have this Error.
StereoWall Channel Metal Sync Fix2022-06-14DownloadDownloadDownloadKnittingNormal Stereos and synced Lot Stereos have their own Audio Configuration File but they only added the normal one for the public Stereo Wall Speaker Metal. I checked all Audio Configuration Files in the SP17 Files and i could only find one which has the same samples, so i added this to the StereoWall Channel Metal instead. It looks like this let's all public Metal Wall Stereos play the same sample now.
Fireguard Means No FireDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)After upgrading "Fireguard" at Fireplaces, furniture around still could caught fire in my Game. This Bug fix prevents that.
Deliver Baby at Hospital2022-06-14DownloadDownloadDownloadGet To WorkThe Deliver Baby at Hospital never worked for me when i clicked Join. After checking in nothing happened. Today i tried again and i investigated some more on why it does not work. I found out that after arriving at the Hospital my Sim does not get into the Situation needed. The reason is, that in the filter "is pregnant in labor" it tests if the pregnancy progress is at least 99. But the Labor starts at 97. So if your Sim is in Labor but the pregancy progress is 97-98, it will fail. Fixed that and now it works for me. I also changed the Doc in a way that they are near the front desk instead of outside. This way they will take care of you when you enter the Hospital without the need to check in
Perfectionist No Canvas DestroyingDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)EA added a new Feature where Sims with the Perfectionist Trait get a push to retry. The current canvas on an easel gets destroyed then. It does not happen with other retry interactions as it seems, so i consider this a Bug. I added a Slot Empty Test, so they will only retry via Easels if the Easel Slot is empty.
Hatchable Eggs Safe in Coop2022-06-23DownloadDownloadDownloadCottage LivingEggs put into the coop to be hatched vanished. With this fix, i could successfully hatch an Egg.
HighChair Fix2022-07-12DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)This Mod fixes the Clean, Give Food & Give Drink Interactions at HighChairs
Highschool Promote Fix2022-08-16DownloadDownloadDownloadHighschool YearsWhen you play only in the active Highschool Career and follow your Teen each time, they will often not promote even if their performance is on top. I added a Loot to the Take Notes Interaction, when Teens are in class. This Loot tests if their Performance statistic is at least 95. If that is the case, they will promote.
NPC Relationship Autonomy Fix2022-08-17DownloadDownloadDownloadHighschool YearsWith the Highschool DLC NPC Relationship Autonomy Interactions were added which happen totally random, so i added some tests to hopefully fix that:
Ask to be Best Friend - Must be at least friends
Ask to Prom as Friends - Must be at least friends; No Romantic Relationship
Ask to Prom - Must have Romantic Relationship
Ask to be Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Must have Romantic Relationship but not Engaged, Married or Significant Other
Break Up With - Must have Romantic Relationship. Optional as Addon: Not Engaged or Married
Propose - Must have Romantic Relationship but not Engaged, Married
An Age Test has been added to all of them as well: Teens should only ask Teens, and Young Adult, Adult, Elder should only ask Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Take Exam Fix2022-08-21DownloadDownloadDownloadHighschool YearsWhen Teens in Highschool take their exam, they would just get up after a few minutes. This Mod is not a 100% Fix unfortunaley. I added a higher priority for the interaction, and disabled autonomy when attending class. Sometimes they still refuse to do the "take exam" Interaction but it seems to run much better with the Fix.
Gardening Workaround Fix2022-10-31DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)For whatever unknown reason, Plants revert back to Dirt Piles very often. Even EA can't seem to find the reason for that happening, so this Fix is a workaround. The Fix checks the Plants for the Planted (Dirt Pile) Object State, and if that is the case, it checks if it is in Season/Out of Season etc., if it is Inside or Outside, and what the current Evolution Value is. If those tests together pass, it will reset the Plants/Trees back to the Blossoming State. This check happens on load and in an interval of 5 sim minutes.
Optional Addon:
For me it did not make sense that Plants/Trees Out of Season & Outside would go back to Dirt Piles as well, so instead they will stay in the Mature State. It uses the same on load & 5 sim minutes interval checks.
Resume Writing Workaround Fix2022-12-11DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)This is a Workaround Fix for the (old but temporary fixed and now back again) Bug where the progress of a written book will be lost when traveling. This Fix adds a backup of the progress to your own Sim and adds it back to the written Book when resuming. So this Fix will only work well if you write one Book after another.If you write several Books at the same time, the progress from one Book might be added to another, so keep that in mind. You also need to cancel the writing before saving & closing the Game. This Fix does not override any ingame ressources so it is compatible with my Slower Writing Mod.
Toddler can eat Cupcakes2023-03-08DownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Fixes a Bug where Toddler are not able to eat Cupcakes (and maybe more?)generic_consume_foodball_toddler.xml
Disable Wants & Fears FixDownloadDownloadDownloadBase Game (Only)Disabling the Wants & Fears System does not get “saved” and you need to enable/disable it each time you load a save. This Workaround Fix prevents the Game from adding Wants & Fears. If you want to enable them again, you need to remove the Mod(Reupload because some Wants still appear)

OBSOLETE FIXES (Patch Fixed by EA)

Be aware these Fixes are obsolete and will not get any Updates so remove them!

  • Put Grilled Food On Surfaces again Fix
  • Put Down Here Fix
  • Toys Stuck on Toddler Fix
  • Let Other Sims visit Sulani Fix
  • School Outfit Fix (Children)
  • Stereo Classical Calm Emotions Fix (Parenthood DLC)
  • Pet Sniff New Objects (Cats & Dogs DLC)
  • “Clear Board” Fix for the Family Bulletin Board (Parenthood DLC)
  • Eat Lunchpack Fix (Parenthood DLC)
  • Vet Station Crafting Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)
  • Obsessed Pet Pet Fix (Cats & Dogs DLC)
  • Hire Gardener Fix
  • Quick Meal Fix
  • Actor Career PrepTask Kind of Fix
  • Showertub Fix
  • Festival Stereo Error Fix
  • TestSet Residential Fix
  • VideoGamingConsole not working (Tiny Living) 
  • ECO Living Trashcan Fix
  • ShowerTub Cleaning Fix
  • Playing Together Fix
  • Nesting Blocks Mentor Fix
  • Diploma Error Fix (University)
  • Resume Via Cauldron Fix
  • Age Up Fix
  • Easter Egg Hunt Fix
  • Stop Change Phone Color Obsession
  • Disable Wants & Fears Workaround Fix
  • Enable Dust Workaround Fix
  • Call to Meal Fix