Personal Objects (Computer, Tablets & more)

Set a Computer and more to your personal Object and no other Sim is allowed to use it!

So far the following Objects can be claimed by Sims:

Computer, Laptops & Tablet
Motion Gaming Rigs, Arcade Machine & Gaming Consolen
Music Instruments (Guitar, Violin, Piano, portable Keyboard)
Pet Bowls
Toilets & Sinks
Showers & Bathtubs
Fridges, Stoves & Grills

Be aware this does prevent other Sims from using certain Items but it will not make the Sim who claimed the Object use it favoritly. I do not recommend to claim all Dining Chairs for each Sim because Sims will first put food down and then check if they can sit on the Chair. So only claim one Chair for the Mother only for example. Some Interactions are still available on Toilets, Sinks, Showers & Bathtubs so other Sims can still clean, repair them etc.

To Claim an Object use the new Interaction “Claim…” on those Objects

Added a new Pie Menu “Access rights for {ObjectName}” to those Objects which is available for the owner and adds three new Interactions:

Set {ObjectName} to be usable for everyone
This will make the Object available for all Sims again.
Allow access for
Allow more Sims to use the Object. Sims must be on the Lot to be choosable.
Access is no longer allowed for
Removes the “Account” for Sims so they cannot use the Object anymore. Sims must be on the Lot to be choosable.


I added a rename Option to all those Objects so you can rename them

Mod Compatibility:

CC Objects that use the original ingame Object Tunings are compatible.
Mods that add new Custom Interactions to Objects are partly compatible which means those Interactions show up no matter if the Object is set to public or personal.
Mods that are 100% compatible and therefore show only up if the Object is set to public or if the Sim is allowed to use it are…


My own Mods
MC Command


Andrews more Craftables

Optional Addons

Hide Interactions:
Addon which hides the Mod Interactions behind the “Shift Click” Ingame

Claimed In Inventory:
Claimed Objects like Tablets, Instruments will be put into the Inventory after being used



If you allow non Household Members to use those Objects and want to set it back to public i recommend to remove the Access for those before doing so.

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: