Online Learning System

Learn up to 41 Skills (incl. Vet & Hidden Skills) online via the Online Learning System (OLS)

After Registering via the Computer or Tablet (Costs 150$ Teens+ and 75$ for Children) you’ll get access to the OLS via Computer, Tablet or Phone.

Sims will learn for 60 Sim Minutes (Skill gaining Amount is set to 1.5 for all Skills; depending on Traits, Lot Traits and other Influences like Buffs etc. the Skill gaining can be faster or slower).

What you also need to know:

4 Skill out of 41 are only available for Children
4 Skills are available for Children - Elder (Bowling, Skating, Dog Training, Wall Climbing)
1 Skill is only available for Vampires (Vampire Lore)
1 Skill is available for Teens too (Parenting) if you have my Parenting Skill for Teens & more Mod installed
All other Skills are available for Teens - Elder
3 extra Skills are only available via the Retail Skills Addon. If you want those Skills install the Addon too
Mind. Level for Skills to show up is lvl 1. This should prevent blank Options if certain Packs are not installed
Sims learn higher level slower than lower level even if the amount is the same!

Added an extra "Learning Boost" Interaction called “Study hard”. When you activate the Boost (10$ Teens+ and Children 5$) your Sim will get a 120 Minutes Buff which inceases the Learning Progress x10. I recommend to use this only when learning higher Skill levels.

Optional Addons:

No Autonmous
Sims won’t learn autonomously anymore
Retail Skills
Adds the three Retail Skills to be learnable

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: