No Restaurant Bill when being Invited

Don’t pay when you are invited to the Restaurant (Dine Out needed)

When Sims get invited to the Restaurant they always have to pay.

This Mods let’s you really get invited.

You’ll find a new Interactions on Tables/Waiter:

End the Restaurant Visit

Instead of paying for your Meals you can now “End the Restaurant Visit” before leaving the Restaurant. This way you will not have to pay for the Meals.

Be aware: When you leave the lot without using the “End the Restaurant Visit” Interaction, you will have to pay for the meals!

Optional Addon

Trigger Interaction - I actually made this to be able to test this Mod. It adds a “Restaurant Date” interaction to your Sims Shift Click Cheat Menu. This will trigger the Friendly NPC Invite to Restaurant Phone Call. In case you want to test this, or trigger an Invite, you can use this.

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