No Outfit Changing | Custom LotTrait & Traits

Sims will not change Clothes with these Traits or Lot Trait

A few Months ago i already wanted to make a Mod which stops Sims from autonomously change into Outfits but back then i thought i had to overwrite all the Interaction Files where the Change Outfit Code is in.


No Outfit Changing | Lot Trait


Active Household Sims on a Lot with this Lot Trait will not Change into Athletic, Everday, Formal, Party, Sleepwear and Swimwear Clothes.


No Outfit Changing | Traits


Sims with these Traits will never Change into the specific Outfit no matter where they are (active Sims & NPCs):

traits.equip_trait NoneAthletic
traits.equip_trait NoneEveryday
traits.equip_trait NoneFormal
traits.equip_trait NoneParty
traits.equip_trait NoneSleepwear
traits.equip_trait NoneSwimwear

To remove the Traits “traits.remove_trait NoneAthletic”… instead of equip.

Dress Code Lot Trait Mod Info:

I am currently working on an Update for my Dress Code LotTrait to make it compatible with this. Until then both Mods will not work together. Your Active Household Sims will not Change into the Dress Code Outfit.

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