No Auto Food Grab after Cooking

This Mod prevents Sims from taking a Plate right after Cooking. There are two Versions of this Mod.

This Mod adds a custom hidden Buff to your Sim when he/she cooks. This Buff has a Duration of 120min.

The Buff prevents the Sim(s) to autonomously take a Plate or grab a Snack from the Fridge/Cooler or cook as long as the Buff is active. (Be aware clicking Autofill is autonomously Behaviour too!)

The “Call to Meal” Interactions will remove the Buff and your Sim(s) will eat. You can also take a Single Dish via “Take a Meal” which will delete the Buff of the active Actor.

This Mod is compatible with my “Choose who you Call to Meal” Mod!

Optional Addons

Household Addon:

This Addon adds the Buff to all your Sims in the Household when someone cooks.

24 hrs Buff Addon:

Instead of 2 hrs Sim(s) won’t cook/grab Food for 24 hrs unless the Buff gets removed when they get called to Meal etc.

NPCs No Food Grab:

Disables NPCs from Auto Grabing Food. I recommend my Call to Meal Mod to be able to invite them to grab a Plate.

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Download via Google Drive



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