My Pets

I love having a bunch of Toddlers in my Household but i also love having a bunch of Pets as well. Unfortunaley i had more & more Issues with the Household Size limit of 8 Sims/Pets. Even with MCC 8+ enabled i had saving Issues etc. So i made this “Tool” a while ago.

I did not want to release this first but i saw more and more people with the same Issues and i thought why not.

What this Mod does:

It let’s you basically have Cats, Dogs and Horses without them being added to your Household.

How this Mod works:

After installing the Mod you need to move your Pets or the Pets you want to “add” as your Pets into another Household. I used a “Dogsitter” Household for that. I recommend to favorite the Household so it does not get culled and maybe stop aging for the Sim via MCC or my No Aging Trait Mod.

Via the Phone - Household Menu you’ll find a new Option called “My Pets”:

This opens the My Pets Menu:

Here you have the following Options:

My Pets…
Let’s you choose Pets to become your Pet(s). You can only choose one at a time but there is no limit on how many Pets you have this way. It depends on your PC and how many it can handle ;)
My Pets Cancellation…
Let’s you remove the My Pets Relationship if you want to cancel it
Call Pet Home…
Let’s you manually call a Pet home if it is off Lot (not spawned). I recommend to use the Lot Trait/Challenge instead so they come home on their own

Adding a Pet as “your Pet” will not add them technically into your Household but you can do almost everything you could do if they would be in your Household.

Interactions ingame available:

On “My Pets” themself you’ll find a new Pie Menu “My Pets” where you can call them over”, “Plan Outfit” "Check Needs" (Cats, Dogs) and "Check Skill Progress" (Horses).

On various Objects you’ll find new Interactions for example Pet Bowl, Pet Bed, Bathtubs etc.

If your Pet is sick you can go to the Vet with them, where you’ll find a new Interaction on the Podium. Since the Pet is not a Part of your Household you cannot pick the Treatment but your Pets will still be cured by Vets (like other NPC Pets). Since the payment is connected to a Pet in your Household and won’t work i added the Payment via the Interaction on the Podium so you’ll pay when you sign your Pet in.

Horse Competition

The original Horse Competition UI is hard coded for Household Horses, so i had to make my own Horse Competition Tunings to let My Pet Horses be able to partake. It has not a fancy UI, but beside that, it works similiar to the original Competitions.

You can partake in Competitions with your My Pet Horse via two ways:

1) By clicking on the Equestrian Center, while sitting on your Horse.
2) From your Home Lot by clicking on your Horse, while sitting on it.

In both cases your Sim will ride into the Rabbithole/Equestrian Center, to start the Competition. While doing the Interactions, your Horse as well as you get a small Skill Loot, and both of your Fun Motive gets a bit filled up.

It takes around 1hrs, and the Horse gets a Cooldown of 30 minutes after a Competition before it can partake in another Competition.

The higher certain Skills of Horses and your own Equestrian Skill, the higher the Chance to win a Medal.

Known Issues: Esp. when you are in front of the Equestrian Center, NPCs tend to autonomously interact with your Horse even when they are miles away. This will cancel the Start Competition Interaction. If that happens, i recommend to use the trot here to cancel the NPC Interaction, and then try again.

How the Mod works:

Load your Game & move your Pets like i mentioned above.

Add your Pets as “my Pets” via the Option explained above.

I highly recommend to add the My Pets Lot Trait/Challenge to your Household’s Lot.

What you also need to know:

You cannot use “Selectable Pets” with your Pets if they are not a Part of your Household!

When traveling your Pets are not listed under the Household Filter but under the Pets Filter.

If you visit the Vet you may see your “Dogsitter” coming there as well with another one of your Pets if you have more than one. I just pretend they are there helping me with my sick Pets. If you travel somewhere without your Pets you may see the Dogsitter walking around with your Pet or your Pets running around. The Game “thinks” they are NPCs after all and uses them if there are not with you.

As long as the Spay/Neuter via Vets is bugged ingame i will not add this to the My Pets Mod.

Pets will not give Birth when they are not “at Home”. Best way to let them give Birth is to cancel the My Pets Relationship. Force them to leave the Lot with my Force to leave Mod and after they have giving Birth reactivating the My Pets Options. (Thx SimmerCharlie for the Feedback)

If you want to deinstall the Mod make sure to cancel all My Pets Relationships first!


Optional Addons

Lot Challenge
Addon which moves the Lot Trait to be a Lot Challenge instead since you can only have three Lot Traits but unlimited Lot Challenges


English (default)
Chinese (by Miaow_CC)
Japanese (by maru dada)
French by Marina
Simplified Chinese by Miaow_CC
Portuguese by Tavs
Spanish by TyttaMarzh
Dutch by angel2evil
Polish by Dariaxx
Danish by Misling

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Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: