My favorite Raincoat

This Mod let's Sims choose a Raincoat, which they'll wear autonomously when it is raining and they are outside. It will protect them from getting wet, and they won't need an Umbrella anymore. They will get a random Moodlet, when wearing one of the Raincoats.

How the Mod works:

Via a Dresser or Mirror you can choose one of the Seasons Pack's Raincoats. Toddler & Children can choose Unisex Raincoats, while Teens and above can choose a Raincoat based on their "Clothing Preference" (Masculine, Feminine). After choosing a Raincoat, you will find the following Options under the "My favorite Raincoat" Pie Menu:

+ Wear Hat
Teens and above will wear matching Hats, but Sims with the Masculine Clothing Preference cannot enable this, since there are no Hats for them
Toddler & Children will wear random Hats

+ Wear Boots
Teens and above will wear matching Rain Boots
Toddler & Children will wear random Rain Boots

+ Remove Gloves
Will remove Gloves, when the current Outfit has them

+ Remove Raincoat
Will remove all hidden Traits, incl. the chosen favorite Raincoat from the Sim

With a favorite Raincoat Sims will wear the Raincoat, when leaving the House and it is raining. When they are already outside, it will take a few steps to let them wear the Raincoat, since it gets added via Routing Events. They will change out of the Raincoat, when going inside, or when it stops raining while they are outside. You can also let them take off the Raincoat via an Interaction on the Sim, when they wear a Raincoat.

When Kids age up, they need to choose a new favorite Raincoat.

Optional Addon

+ NPC Chance to choose Raincoats
NPCs wear Raincoats as well, not all though. Be aware removing the Addon will not remove already chosen Raincoats from NPCs.

What you also need to know:

This Mod is compatible with my Protective Raincoats Mod, but it is not needed for this to work.

This Mod adds the Raincoat Outfits via appearance modifier in Buffs Sims get, when it is raining outside. If other Buffs do the same appearance modifier at the same time the game will only use one of the two. I already tried to block my Raincoats for certain ingame appearance modifier e.g. the Bee Suit. When it is raining and your Sim is outside wearing e.g. a Bee Suit, they will not change into the Raincoat. Keep that in mind.

Another Info which is good to know: When your Sim has a Buff with appearance modifier active added, and you click on Change Outfit, the Thumbnails will show the current CAS (Raincoat etc.) added via appearance modifier for all Outfits. Don't Panic! As soon as the Buff is gone, it will be back to normal. Phew!



English (default)
German by me
French by Miyaji
Traditional Chinese by YingZ
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Spanish by ADimGaR

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Download via Google Drive



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