More Visitors | Custom Lot Trait

This Lot Trait/Challenge let’s more Sims spawn on the Lot.

How to choose which Sims will spawn on the Lot via this Mod:

On Doors, Arches & Gates you’ll find the new Pie Menu “More Visitors” when the Lot Trait/Challenge is activated on the Lot.

There you can configure which Sims are going to spawn. The Schedule is every 15 Sim Minutes will one Sim of each choosen Setting spawn.

You can choose the following Sims to spawn:

Toddler (spawn time 8 am - 6 pm)
Children (spawn time 8 am - 8 pm)
Teens (spawn time 8 am - Midnight)
Young Adults
Men (Age Teen - Adult)
Women (Age Teen - Adult)
Alien (Age Teen - Adult)
Vampire (Age Teen - Adult)
Mermaids (Age Teen - Adult)
Spellcaster (Age Teen - Adult)

You can freely choose & combine Sims to spawn. For example you can let Toddler & (more) Children spawn in a certain Park.

Be aware the Game will not generate Sims (especially Toddler) so there need to be Sims available to be spawnable.


Optional Addons

Lot Challenge
Addon which moves the Lot Trait to be a Lot Challenge instead since you can only have three Lot Traits but unlimited Lot Challenges

No Occult Addon

No Occult Sims will spawn (does not count for the special Occult Lot Traits/Challenges).


I also recommend to use the “Maximum Sims per Zone” Setting by MCCC or a Mod that increases the Number of Sims that are allowed in one Zone!


Available Languages:
English (default),
German by me
Chinese (by hi007097/ Licer),
French (by Peter),
Portuguese by Guedesrs,
Danish by Sighubert,
Russian by KissaLopa,
Spanish by almamia,
Italian by zaffirogarnet / CriIncubus
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Dutch by tebert
Polish by Dariaxx

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: