Hire certain Vet Employees

If you want to hire certain Sims in your World this Mod will help you with that.

With this Trait Sims will be more likely be listed in the Hire Employee Popup. You may have to refresh the Popup if they don’t show up right away.

How to get Sims to show up in the Hire Employee List:

Give the Sim you want to be listed in the Hire Employee Popup a hidden Trait via Cheat: (Testingcheats must be on)

traits.equip_trait HireVet

(To remove the Trait: traits.remove_trait HireVet)

or use the new Ingame Pie Menu on Vet Podiums to add/remove the Trait!

The Sims need to be without a Career and not Famous because they get the Vet Career then!

IMPORTANT: THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS (VET OWNER)! (Would not even make sense since you can work there anyway^^)

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



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