Healthy Drinks

I just wanted to have some healthy Drink Options ingame…

This Mod adds a new Interaction to Fridges “Healthy Drink” which let’s you grab the following Drinks:

Drink (Costs/ or Ingredients)

Carrot Juice (12$/ 4 Carrots)
Spinach Juice (14$/ 8 Spinach)
Bell Pepper Juice (16$/ 2 Bell Pepper)
Lemon Juice (18$/ 6 Lemon)
Potato Juice (20$/ 4 Potato)
Tomato Juice (21$/ 3 Tomato)
Plasma Juice (25$/ 5 Plasma Fruits) - Vampire only!

Sims will get a 1 hour Buff with a Happy Mood +1 which will also increase the Fitness Skill a bit. Teens/Children will gain a bit Responsibility. Like Tea it will also influence the Sickness System.

Optional Addon

Ingredients required

Only Drinks will show up where necessary Ingredients are either in the Sims Inventory or Fridge Inventory. Does not affect NPCs or not owned Lots. Be aware the “Healthy Drinks” Option does only show up if you indeed can make one of the drinks

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Download via Google Drive



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