Go for a walk with more Pets

With three Dogs ingame it takes a lot of time to go for a walk with one Pet after the other. Since the Routing System is complicated as hell i used another way to be able to walk several Pets at once. Rabbitholes.

This Mod adds another “Go for a Walk” Pie Menu under the Pet Care Pie Menu. There you have three Options

30 Minutes
60 Minutes
120 Minutes

Infants that are carried by your Sim, or in the Back Carrier, will go with you.

These will open a Simpicker Menu where you can choose the Dogs (and Cats) to go with you for a walk.

I recommend to go near the “Spawn” Point at your Lot and call all your Pets over before using the Interactions.

I also recommend the Go for a Walk with Dogs will fill up Needs Mod. I added a loot at the end of the walks where they get the Mod Buff if you have it installed!

Available Languages:

English (default)
Portuguese by Ana Carolina
Japanese by Miya
Chinese by Neala23
Russian by KissaLopa
Spanish by GeoSims
Italian by zaffirogarnet
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Dutch by tebert

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: