Food Delivery Service

Order more Food than just Pizza…

With this Mod you have more Options to order Food.
You can Order Food as Single, Family or Party Size.
If you have my “More Servings Options” Mod, you can also Order all the other Servings Options i added there. (The Plate will look empty when the NPC spawns. It will look right when you put the Food on the Table or when it gets resetted)
The Delivery costs is the actual retail price of the Food plus a tip of 2$. Some grill recipes don’t have a retail price though so they have a Base Price of 50$ plus a tip of 2$
The Service is available 24hrs the whole Week
The Delivery Service NPC will leave right after you took the Food and will not stay to hang out on your couch anymore!

Optional Addon:

Higher Prices based on Household Funds
Sims will get a hidden Buff if their Funds are higher than 25.000, 50.000, 100.000, 250.000, 500.000 or 1.000.000 Simoleons. Each Buff will multiplier the price starting with x2 (25.000) till x7 (1.000.000). So if the Retail Price is 50$ and your Funds are at least 1.000.000$ the Food will cost 350$ plus the tip of 2$.

Available Languages:
English (default),
German by me
Spanish (by Edespino),
French (by Eymiks/ RebornSimmer ),
Japanese (by Simtelma),
Danish (by Sighubert),
Portuguese (by Ana Carolina),
Chinese (by hi007097),
Russian (by maclay/ alimonium),
Czech (by SentinelDeenee/ Xeria ),
Dutch by blemishsims,
Polish by フェアリーテイル ,
Finnish by Cinox,
Italian by Birdolina
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Swedish by namelessperson98

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Download via Google Drive



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