Entrance Fee on Community Lots | Custom Lot Trait

This Mod adds a new custom Lot Trait/Challenge to the Game.

When one of the Community Lots has the “Entrance Fee” Lot Trait/Challenge Sims entering the Lot will Pay an Entrance Fee.

How the Mod works:

Add the Lot Trait/Challenge to any Lot you want except Residential Lots. After adding the Lot Trait/Challenge the default Amount of 10 Simoleons will be activated.

To change the Amount you can find a new Pie Menu on Doors called “Entrance Fee”. There you can change the Amount to:

20 $
30 $
40 $

up to 150 $

You can reset to default 10 $ via the Pie Menu Reset Interaction as well.

Your Sims will pay the Entrance Fee ~ 5 Minutes after loading the Lot and will get a 15 Minutes Buff after.

The following Discounts are available:

Toddler have Free Access
Children will get a 50% Discount
Uni Students get a 40% Discount

Compatibility with “ More Buyable Venues and new Venue Types”:

If you own a Community Venue via my Mod, you’ll get the Payment when Sims pay the Entrance Fees!


Optional Addons

Lot Challenge
Addon which moves the Lot Trait to be a Lot Challenge instead since you can only have three Lot Traits but unlimited Lot Challenges

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: