I am preparing myself for University that will be released soon and i plan to add Cleaning Schedules for my Future Roommates. This Mod let’s you add Cleaning Schedules via the Parenthood Bulletin Board. With an Addon (see below) you can use this plus the Main Mod even if you don’t have Parenthood installed!

How the Mod works:

You can set a Schedule for Sims to be on Cleaning Duty. While they are on Duty they will get a visible Buff which gives them a tiny push to do cleaning Interactions if something needs to be done. It will not disable all other autonomously Behaviour so they’ll not end up as Cleaning Robots.

The Buff will be added via the Board itself so if you have a mutli floor House make sure to put one Board on each Floor.

If a Schedule is set a new Interaction to “Remove Cleaning Schedule” will be available to be able to remove Schedules from certain Sims.

How to set a Schedule:

Use the “Add Cleaning Schedule” Interaction on the Board and choose a Sim from the Picker
Choose a Weekday or several Weekdays
Choose an Hours or several Hours

Optional Addon

Not on Duty
This Addon disables Cleaning Interactions for Sims (except Butler, Maid etc.) that are not on Duty when a Sim who is on Duty is instanced on the Residential or owned Lot (including Business/Rented/More buyable Venues Lots). They will not clean up including their Plates after eating etc. so the Sim on Duty is indeed on Duty of Cleaning.

University Board
This adds the Chores Interactions to the Board that came with University. You can use this plus the Main Mod even if you don’t have Parenthood installed!

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



Mod Support available via my Discord: