Choose Your Roommate

Finally my Sim can go to Uni but unfortunaley her best Friends cannot. With this Mod her best Friends can be her Roommates and attend Uni too. This will also help you find certain Roommates for your Residential Lots.

Be aware you cannot use this to have several played Households in Uni and switch between them. Roommates don’t “really” live on those Lots.

How to add a certain Roommate:


To be able to choose “University Roommates” you need to “prepare” the Roommates a little for it. If you live on a Residential Lot those Sims don’t need to be University Students. You can skip Step 1 then!

1) The “University Roommates” need to be enrolled into Uni. So move all Sims you want to be Roommates into a random Lot or just enroll certain Sims from Households (For example a Household were the Parents will stay at home while the kids go to Uni).

For example i want these two Sims to become my Roommates:

Load this Household and enroll all Sims into the same Uni where your Sim is in via the normal Ingame Interactions (which will take a day) or use the short way via the new Interaction on Mailboxes “Apply University” under University.

Important: At the End when choosing the Place to live choose “At Home”!

2) Move the Household out of their Lot so they are homeless if ALL! Sims from this Household will be your Roommates (Evict Household). If there are Sims that will still live there (like Parents) you can let them stay in their Home. Be aware don’t let only Children or Toddler be left at home there need to be at least a Teen+ in the Household. The Game will move the Roommates out of the Household when they become your Roommates.

In my example both Sims will become my Roommates, so i will move them out.

3) Now that all Sims are prepared go back into your played Household.

There on the Mailbox you’ll find two new Interactions:

“Remove a Roommate” & “Choose a Roommate”

You can remove a current Roommate you don’t like (the Game will replace them eventually) or if you need place for your Roommates. You can only remove one Roommate at a time. The “Remove a Roommate” is only available if you indeed have a Roommate!

Now to add your prepared Roommate as your Roommate click “Choose a Roommate” and search in the List for your Sim. The List will show all game generated Uni Students as well as your Sims when you are living in Uni Housings. It will list even more Sims when you live in a Residential Home.

The Option to choose a Roommate will only show up if there are free Beds available and the Cap for Roommates (Household plus Roommates is not reached). The normal Ingame Cap is 10 but can be set to 20 with my Addon.

Your chosen Roommates will automatically claim a free Bed when they arrive shortly after.

4) Now one more Important Step!: The Game seperates each Roommate into a single Homeless Household. If you use any Mod that fills Homes make sure those Sims will not be forced into Home Lots (you can flag Sims to stay homeless with MCCC). The game does not give these seperated Households a name so go into the Household Manager and give those Roommates Households a Name and i recommend to move them into “my Households” as well

Now you can all enjoy your Roommates!



CAP 20
This Addon will set the CAP Limit from 10 to 20.

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



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