Choose who you Call to Meal

This tuning mod lets you choose who you want to call to Meal and if you want to eat too or not.

The new Option “Call to Meal and Eat…” will let you choose sims to come and eat with you.

The “Call to Meal…” Option will let you choose sims to come and eat but you won’t eat unless you are hungry and autonomous will take action.

The normal “Call to Meal” Option is still available!

Sometimes Picked Sims can get the typical Routing Error depending on their Distance because another Sim is already “using” the Object. Unfortunaly I can’t change that.

This Mod is compatible with my “No Auto Food Grab after Cooking” Mod!

Added "Drink" Option to all Drinks, where you can ask Sims to drink. It is not added to all possible drinks yet, since i cannot easily add it while making sure Children cannot drink everything.

Polish Translation by Pawlq
French Translation by cinthila
Spanish Translation by efsamos4
Portuguese Translation by bichon2057/Guedesrs
Chinese Translation by Christine_jxn/Soulkiller
Japanese Translation by Simtelma
Danish Translation by Sighubert
Swedish by hellogreeny
Dutch by Azqwerty
Russian (by maclay)
Italian by Dream Indigo/RoryCraft
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Czech by Lili
Finnish by MaijaEllen

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