Better Familiars

This Mods adds some helpful Features to the Familiars you can summon:

When a Familiar is summoned it will give you a Spellcaster XP Boost (50%)

Summoned Familiars will send their owners Gifts once in a while which can be helpful for Potions etc.

Added a hidden Relationship to Familiars. Unfortunaley how Familiars are coded i could not add a “real” Relationship to them so you don’t see it and the Relationship counts for all Familiars together instead of one for each. The higher the Relationship the higher the chance you get Gifts. I added a “Talk with” Interaction to Familiars which gains Relationship and sometimes gives your Sim Perk Points. Being with your Familiar also gains Relationship and fills the Fun Motive every 30 Minutes. The Relationship has a small decay so you could lose Relationship when you don’t summon a Familiar for quite some time.

Download via CurseForge


Download via Google Drive



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