Better Butler (and Hire more Butler)

Adjusts the Behaviour of Butler a bit and let’s you hire more Butler

Better Butler (Glamour DLC needed)

Better Butler Main Mod

The Main Mod increases the Static Commodity so Butlers will more likely clean up, repair & take care of Kids.

Added new Interaction on Terrain (with Leaves) were you can ask a Butler to “Rake Leaves”

Better Butler – Hire more Butler Addon

You can hire up to four additional Butler via the new Pie Menu on Phones (Household Category)!

If you want to cancel them, you can to do that via the Sim – Butler – Managment Menu: “Cancel xx Butler” or the Phone “Cancel xx Butler” Interaction
You’ll need to have a Bed available for them too

I highly recommend to cancel all Butler ingame before moving to another Lot with your Household!

Optional Addons

Better Butler – No Auto Cooking

Disables the Butler from Cooking autonomously. These will also disable the Options on the Butler Task Menu (they’ll not do it) so i recommend to us my “Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink!” Mod to “order” Butlers to cook for you!

Better Butler - No Auto Put Away

Butler should not put away Food anymore

Better Butler - No Gardening

The Ingame Order to not Garden does not work properly for some people so this disables Gardening at all

Better Butler – Go to Sleep & Wake up earlier Butler

Butler will get a Buff around 10 pm - 4 am which will then gives them a higher Autonomy to go to Sleep
Butler will wake up around 6am instead of 8am

Better Butler – Forbidden Moods

This should prevent Butlers from getting certain Moods (Uncomfortable, Bored, Stressed, Dazed, Flirty)

Better Butler – Cannot Die

This should prevent Butlers from dying

Better Butler – Cost Fix

When you travel to a another Lot and back you have to pay the “one time Payment” again which should usually only happens once when you hire them. This Fixes that.

Better Butler – No Uniform

Butler will wear their “normal” Clothes. (Works only with newly hired Sims as it seems)

Better Butler – Locked Stats

You can lock Stats with these Addons. There is a File for each Motive so you can indiviually choose which one to Lock. Locked Stats will not go down!

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