ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function!

ATM Cards and now with real Credit Function! (Update of Zooroo’s Mod)

Zooroo’s ATM Cards and Credit Mod is an awesome Mod but has not been updated for a while. So i updated it (just the ATM) and added new Functions.

Credit goes to the Original Mod of Zooroo which you can found here. I just updated it, modified it a little bit and added a new Feature. (You don’t need to download the original Mod)

This is very helpful if Household Members move out. With these Cards they’re able to take Money for a new Start with them

Credit Cards buyable via the ATM or via all ingame Computers:
Standard – 100$ / 500$
Green – 1.000$ / 2.000$
Silver – 5.000$ / 10.000$
Golden – 25.000$ / 50.000$
Diamond – 100.000$ / 150.000$

Catalog Location: Electronics\Miscellaneous
Name: ATM “SimPoint”
Price: 10.000$

Added by me: Apply for a Credit

The following Credits are available via the ATM or all ingame Computers:

Credit Value / Duration of Agreement / Daily Rate including 10% Interest
$ 2.500 / 10 Days / $ 275
$ 5.000 / 20 Days / $ 275
$ 10.000 / 25 Days / $ 440
$ 25.000 / 50 Days / $ 550
$ 50.000 / 50 Days / $ 1.100

How a Credit Agreement works:

You can choose up to five different Credit Values.
Each Credit Agreement is only available once per Time.
You can apply to all five at the same Time.
The Documents of the Credit Agreements will be transferred into your Inventory and are not deletable!
The Money will be transferred immediately to your Household Account
Every Day you have to pay a Daily Rate starting with the Day after you’ve applied for a Credit. (Don’t worry if you forget to pay, your Sims will not )
When the Credit is completely repaid your Sims can finally tear apart the Credit Agreements ;P (Again your Sims will gladly do that for you)
After a Credit Agreement has been teared apart it’s again available at the ATM
A visible Buff will show how long the Credit is still activ (will be added with the first Payment!)
Mind. Age Requirement: Teen
Be aware that Cheats/Mods which delete all Buffs will cancel all Credit Agreements

New Function: Repay Loan (via Credit Agreements inside the Inventory)

You can repay the Credit anytime. The Costs are not all calculated daily (would be too much especially with the 50 Days Credits) but 1 – 2,5 Days. Which means after this timeframe the Costs to repay the Credit decreases.

Credit Value / Days until Costs decreases
$ 2.500 / Daily
$ 5.000 / every 2 Days
$ 10.000 / every 2,5 Days
$ 25.000 / every 2,5 Days
$ 50.000 / every 2,5 Days

Additional Credits:
Original Mod of Zooroo!

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 227
Polygons: 160

Optional Addons

Non Cool Kitchen Fix
(Only for Users who don’t have the “Cool Kitchen” Pack installed!) This should prevent Routing Issues. The Addon replaces the Animation when using the ATM Object.

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Download via Google Drive



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