Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink! (including Cupcakes and Experimental Food)

This tuning Mods adds new Interactions to all Stoves which lets you Ask Sims to Cook/Bake/Grill a specific Meal for you or Mix a Drink for you!

This Mods adds three new Options under the new Pie Menu “Ask to Cook/Bake” on every Ingame Stove, Ask to Grill on every Grill and Ask to mix Drink to every Bar:

Cook for Me
Cook Gourmet for Me
Bake for Me
Bake Cupcakes for Me(*)
Cook Experimental for Me(**)
Ask to Grill (Only on Grills!)
Ask to mix a Drink (Only on Bars!)
Ask to Cook Pet Food (the Sim needs to be close to the dogs/cats to be able for it to work)
Ask to Cook Gourmet Pet Food (the Sim needs to be close to the dogs/cats to be able for it to work)

(*) Custom Cupcakes recipes added. Non Default has been overwritten. The Baking Animation of PeanutButter Cookies has been used. The Skill Test has been changed from Homestyle Cooking to Baking. Reduced the minimum skill level by two for each recipe.
(**) Sims need to learn the Recipes to be able to Cook them for example via my Cookbooks. For NPCs to be able to cook the recipes the “More Experimental Food Servings” Mod is necessary.

You can choose any Sim (min Age Teen) who is on the active Lot. Even Butlers or other NPCs! (not EventChallengeNPCs)

You can choose what exactly they should cook/bake/grill/mix for you!

Addon “Fix” for Butler/Maids

This is an optional Addon is a kind of “Fix” for Butler/Maids to put away Food that was cooked by NPCs. It will only affect Food with freshness less than 95% (Only tested with Butler but should work with Maids too)

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Download via Google Drive



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