Advanced Birth Certificate (Get to Work DLC needed)

This small Mod changes a few things regarding the Brith Certificate which got added with Get to Work:

When sending your Sim to the Hospital to have a Baby (Rabbithole) they’ll get a Certifcate as well
Certificates can be renamed
Vampire, Mermaids, Spellcaster, and Werewolf Babies get unique Certificates instead of the “Human” one

Optional Addon

Human Birth Certificate Override
Just a small optical change to the Birth Certificate


Russian by muramr
French by CandymanGaming/Lorraine3055
Italian by Birdolina
Japanese by maru dada
Chinese by GreenOnionC
Spanish by TyttaMarzh
Dutch by yeeyeetess
Simplified Chinese by Licer
Polish by Hiruko & nenusia20
Portuguese by AnnaSims

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Download via Google Drive


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